Lambda Phi Epsilon - Columbia University - Established April 17


Lambda Phi Epsilon is the first national Asian American interest fraternity, and the first Asian American interest fraternity at Columbia. Our fraternity's motto is "To be Leaders Among Men," and we strive to be leaders both as an organization and individually.

Through our social and cultural programming, we aim to bring together a diverse community that is often divided along ethnic lines and to provide a united front when it comes to discriminatory actions that affect us all. We celebrate the diversity of all cultures and take pride in the unique heritage of each brother. Unlike other organizations on campus, we have no yearly turnover, no sudden changes in membership - the continuity of our organization allows us to make a long-term impact on the community and solidifies bonds of lifelong brotherhood that extend from actives to alumni.

Most important of all, we are committed and loyal to our brotherhood. We take seriously the development of each brother through dedicated mentorship in academics, career, and leadership. We share our successes together, and we bear our setbacks together. Behind each proud brother of Lambda Phi Epsilon stands an entire brotherhood.

National History

A group of eighteen dedicated men decided to form Lambda Phi Epsilon on February 25, 1981. Noting that Asian fraternities and sororities at the UC campuses were recognized only as service organizations due to their memberships focus on specific Asian groups and to the exclusion of other ethnic groups, the founders strived to transcend this limitation. The founders hoped to set new and higher standards of excellence for all Asian-interest organizations to follow, while feeling a need to offer a fraternity that would be recognized by the IFC and the Greek system. While the original charter focused on Asian Pacific Americans, people from all ethnic backgrounds were welcome to join and support the brotherhood of Lambda Phi Epsilon. Their vision was that the members would eventually become the leaders of their respective communities and bridge the gaps that divided the Asian American community through an affiliation with a common organization. Craig Ishigo and Darryl L. Mu signed the charter as president and vice president, respectively.

Since its founding at the University of California, Los Angeles, Lambda Phi Epsilon has continued to grow and establish presence on campuses all over the nation. Within a few years, the fraternity had chartered to the University of Texas, Austin (Zeta Chapter), the State University of New York, Buffalo (Nu Chapter), and the University of Michigan (Xi Chapter). In 1990, the organization was recognized by the North-American Interfraternity Conference, being the first Asian Interest fraternity to do so. The fraternity has since expanded to all corners of the United States and beyond.

State University of New York, Buffalo (Nu Chapter) was Lambda Phi Epsilon's first chapter to be chartered on the American East Coast. Starting as Delta Gamma Tau, on September 15, 1992, this fraternity merged with Lambda Phi Epsilon (effectively taking on Lambda Phi Epsilon's letters) to unify organizations with identical purposes and to strengthen the Asian-American voice in the campus community.

December 5, 2004, Lambda Phi Epsilon established a chapter at the University of Toronto(Alpha Xi Chapter), thereby granting Lambda Phi Epsilon status as an international fraternity.